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Chinese White Marble Collection


As known to all, China is rich in all kinds of Natural stone resources, including Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Basalt, Lava etc. Especially, the White Marble are prominent. We Milestone International grasp many excellent white marble variety. we are cooperating closely with the quarry owner, keep big inventory of all kinds of white marble. Equipt with morden facility and experienced workers, we supply the white marble in direct factory price.


At present, we mainly operate the widely used variety Guangsi white, Cloudy white, Kangpa white, and Orient white jade. We can manufacture big slabs, floor tiles, wall & column cladding, window sills, stairs, countertops, vanity tops, bathroom sinks, and kinds of carving, statues, sculptures etc. Our white marble products can match your complicated and specific project needs for commercial and residential building.


Generally speaking, we always keep in stock of Marble Slabs in 1.5/2/3 cm thickness.

Sizes are from cm. 200x120 up 240x160; usually bigger the sizes and more expensive are; big sizes are used to fabricate countertops and special cut to size projects, mean little medium sizes are used to produce tiles, steps, mosaics and othert cut to size works.


Marble Thin Tiles Cm. 1,0 - cm. 30,5x30,5x0,95 (12"x12"x3/8") - cm. 30,5x61x0,95 (12"x24"x3/8") - cm. 40x40x0,95 (16"x16"x3/8") - cm. 45,7x45,7x0,95 (18"x18"x3/8") - cm. 45,7x91x1,2 (18"x36"x1/2") - cm. 61x61x1,2 (24"x24"x1/2") - cm. 91x91x1,2 (36"x36"x1/2") .

 Marble Cm. 1,5 and 2 thick tiles - cm. 30x15 (12"x6") - cm. 30x30 (12"x12") - cm. 40x20 (16"x8") - cm. 40x40 (16"x16") - cm. 45x90 (18"x36") - cm. 60x60 (24"x24") - cm. 90x90 (36"x36") - cm. 120x120 (47"x47") .


Chinese White Marble Quarry

marble quarry owner

white marble blocks for sale

white marble quarry


Chinese White Color Options

Guangsi White

white marble slabs marble strip slabs


Kangpa White

white marble with veins

white marble tiles


Orient White Jade

pure white marble

pure white marble tiles


Cloudy White

white marble gangsaw slabs

marble tiles


Other Products of White Marble

Gazebo, Fountain, Fireplace

marble gazebo, marble fireplace


white marble mosaics

Statues & carving

white marble angles


Chinese White Marble Project Application:

white marble project

marble medallions


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