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Chinese Black Pebble With Cheap Price And Huge Capacity


How is pebble formed? Around 100 million years ago in the Mesozoic, because of the crustal movement, magma emerged to the surface, then rapidly cooled to form granite. After that, dating back thousands of years ago, due to magma intrusion, the granite extruded and squeezed which resulting in a large number of smaller stones. Those stones at the waterside, after a long period of slow water erosion and their mutual rolling, formed today's pebble stone.


With the features of hard quality, simply natural color, high compressive strength & corrosion resistance, pebble stone is an ideal green building materials, especially for public buildings, villas, garden buildings, paved roads, garden Art and other landscapes.


Except the above features, Milestone International’s black pebble products have very cheap price, it’s only half of the market price. With huge capacity! For the rough unpolished pebbles, we can turn out 3000 tons per month, for the polished pebble, the capacity can reach 1500 tons per month.


Please contact us immediately for the cheapest black pebble from China!

Simple Equipment To Produce Black Pebble Stone


Rough Unpolished Black Pebble

unpolished black pebble

Polished Black Pebble Stone

polished black pebble stone

Packed Black Pebble

chinese black pebble

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