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Beige Limestone is essentially a Dolomitestone. It is a hard, impervious and compact material with very low water absorption, also high resistance in freezing and thawing conditions outdoor. Due to this, limestone can be used in any atmospheric condition without getting affected. It is a long-lasting and stands up well to exposure material. TheBeige Limestone Milestone represents come from He’Nan province, China, it’s very suitable for floor tiles, wall cladding, pavers, steps, kerbstones, fountains and sculptures. Welcome to contact us for inquiry and cooperation.

Technical features of Beige Limestone:


Density: 2476g/cm3

Porosity: 5,40%

Speed of sound: 5,44km/s

Compressive Strength: 113,2MPa

Degree of running against metal: 28,6mm

Degree of withstanding bending: 11,8MPa

Test Frequency: 144 cycles


Quarry of Beige Limestone:

yellow limestone quarry

Factory of Beige Limestone:

beige limestone factory

Beige Limestone Floor Tiles:

beige limestone floor tiles

beige limestone flooring

Beige Limestone Wall Stone:

yellow limestone wall cladding

yellow limestone wall stone

Beige Limestone Paving Stone:

beige limestone pavers

yellow limestone paving stone

Beige Limestone Steps:

beige limestone steps

Beige Limestone Swimming Pool Coping Stone:

swimming pool coping stone

Beige Limestone Fountains:

beige limestone fountains

yellow limestone fountains

Beige Limestone Sculptures:

beige limestone sculptures

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